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Since we are located in the middle of the island, our properties are ideal for daily excursions all around the island. Do not hesitate to ask us for personalized recommendations.


The Palace of Knossos

Crete’s must-see historical attraction is the Palace of Knossos, 5 km south of Iraklion, and the capital of Minoan Crete. Knossos is the heart of the Minoan civilization, and, as tradition has it, the seat of the legendary king Minos and birthplace of thrilling stories, such as the myth of the Labyrinth and its Minotaur, or of Daedalus and Icarus. The site was consistently  inhabited from the Neolithic period (7000-3000 BC) until late Antiquity.


Cretan Aquarium

CretΑquarium specializes in showcasing the marine species and ecosystems of the Mediterranean, a sea of unique biodiversity, which gave birth to ancient civilizations and welcomes millions of visitors every year from all over the world. Boasting 60 tanks of different sizes with a total amount of 1,700,000 liters of sea water, it is home to 2000 sea animals, 200 different species of the Mediterranean basin only 3 km west of our location.


The ”Dinosauria Park”

Enjoy a rare and rich collection of bones and fossils in museum Dinosauria Park. Embark on a journey through time with destination the fascinating world of the dinosaurs, through a unique spectacle taking you to the heart of prehistory. A favorite with both children and adults.


The ”International Exhibition Center of Crete”

The International Exhibition Centre of Crete was designed to provide the best accommodation for event hosting. It is utilized by local businesses, companies, cooperatives and institutions, but also preferred for by entities from the rest of Greece and the world for its unique setting.


The ”Planet Crete”

“Planet Crete” is a spaceship for young and older space travelers alike. Whether you wish to learn about the beautiful constellations or the violent collisions of galaxies, visiting the Planetarium of Heraklion is the way to go, and an unforgettable experience too.


The Crete Golf Club

The place for an original golfing experience, it is an 18-hole Golf Course of international standards and the only one of its kind on the island. Crete Golf Club is a fair and player-friendly course but definitely presenting some fascinating challenges. All training equipment is provided by the academy, while for ages below 10 years old, the equipment is provided by SNAG – you only have to bring your smile and energy!


Heraklion City

The city of Heraklion is located on the central east part on the island of Crete which is the most southern island of Greece. Heraklion is the most important civil center, the capital and the financial, social and scientific center of the island of Crete. Considering its size, it is the 4th largest city of Greece. In Heraklion, you may visit the historical and archaeological museums, the old town of Heraklion with its Lions Square, the Loggia, the Venetian Harbor etc.

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